Dale Earnhardt Plaza

Main Street between A and B Streets

Located on Main Street between A and B Streets, the one-acre Dale Earnhardt Plaza is home to a statue by Arizona sculptor Clyde Ross Morgan honoring Kannapolis hometown hero and racing legend, Dale Earnhardt. The 900-pound, nine-foot-tall bronze statue is surrounded by walkways and gardens. Visitors can also enjoy a granite monument contributed by Earnhardt fans from Vermont and New York.

You can sponsor a brick in Dale Earnhardt Plaza to be a permanent part of the tribute. Download the brick order form.

Dale Earnhardt Tribute Numerology

When you visit Dale Earnhardt Plaza, make sure to note the many symbolic details:

  • The granite base of the statue pedestal is divided into seven sections representing Earnhardt’s seven Winston Cup Championships.
  • Seven steps descend into the Plaza from both entrances on Main Street also representing Earnhardt’s seven championship victories.
  • Earnhardt’s 76 Winston Cup career wins are commemorated by the seat wall around the statue square in the center of the Plaza, which is designed for 76 granite sections. The granite sections are not yet in place, but they are on the fundraising list.
  • The walk around the Plaza is shaped like an oval to represent a racetrack.
  • The azaleas and daylilies around the center seat wall are planted in sets of three.
  • The benches along the oval walk are also grouped in sets of three. Both represent Earnhardt’s car number.
  • Eight lights shine on the statue representing the car numbers of Dale’s father, Ralph Earnhardt, and his son Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  • The statue of Earnhardt faces toward his home place and “Idiot’s Circle.” Idiot’s Circle is the area of town where teens in Dale’s day once drove around on the weekends to socialize. Dale is rumored to have learned to drive and turn left there.