Recycling Overview

The City of Kannapolis provides recycling service to its residents at the curb in addition to a drop-off site for electronic waste.

Recycling Program Basics

Recycling is simple; it just takes practice to make it a habit. With a single-stream program, no sorting is necessary. Recycling pick-up is every other week on the same day as your garbage pick-up. Click here to find your recycling day by street address and download a calendar that you can use to remind yourself.

Simply put all of your recyclables into your recycling container (gray with a yellow lid). Do not bag the items; place them loosely inside your container. Be sure to rinse out food particles, empty beverage containers, and break down cardboard boxes. All items must be placed in the rollout container for pickup. Then, when it is your day for collection, roll your cart out to the curb and place it two feet from your garbage cart and any other objects at the curb. That’s it. It’s really that easy.

You may also read more in the Municipal Solid Waste and Recycling Reminders.

In the event of a missed pickup (not due to a holiday or posted delay), please contact the Public Works Department at (704) 920-4200 within 24 hours.

Recyclable Materials:

aerosol Empty Aerosol Cans aluminum cans Aluminum Cans
cardboard Flattened Cardboard, Cereal and Food Boxes glass Glass
pringles Pringles Cans milk Milk and Juice Cartons
mixed newspaper  Mixed Paper, Newspapers,  Magazines and Shredded  Paper plastic bottle Plastics 1-7
Spiral Cans Spiral Paper Cans tin cans Steel/Tin Cans
toys Rigid Plastic Containers and Small Hard Plastic Toys juice box Juice Boxes


These items are NOT ACCEPTED for recycling at the curb:

wrap  Aluminum Foil, Cling Wrap
or Shrink Wrap
batteries Batteries
ceramics Ceramics clothing Clothing
garbage Garbage light bulb Light Bulbs
utensils Paper Plates, Plastic Utensils and Napkins pizza box  Dirty Pizza Boxes
plastic bags  Plastic Bags plastic cups Plastic Food Trays or Cups
pots and pans Pots and Pans styrofoam Styrofoam
wire hanger Wire Hangers


The City of Kannapolis offers a drop-off site for electronics recycling at 1401 Bethpage Road.

Residents can use the Household Hazardous Waste Facility to dispose of waste oil, paint (if not dried), car batteries, fluorescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs, and many other materials that are not collected by the City. Information on hours of operation, location and special collection days can be found here. For a complete list of accepted items and more information, visit the Cabarrus County Household Hazardous Waste site or contact them at (704) 920-3278.

For more information on drop-off centers to recycle items not accepted at the curb, click here for Rowan County’s website, and click here for Cabarrus County’s page.

What’s the Deal with Plastics Numbers?

The Kannapolis recycling program can accept plastics numbered 1-7. To find the number, examine the container (often the bottom) and look for the number inside the recycling symbol. If it says 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 then we can accept the item with our program. (Styrofoam may be labeled with a 6, however, our program cannot accept Styrofoam but can accept plastics labeled with a 6.) Otherwise dispose of it in your regular garbage.

Why Recycle?

There are lots of reasons to recycle. Most importantly, recycling keeps many items out of our local landfill. This extends the life of the landfill and also helps reduce the cost to the City for tipping fees (charged by the landfill for dumping loads of garbage).

The State of North Carolina has banned certain items from the landfills across our state. Click here for a list of all banned items.

Items we recycle are used in many products. Recycled plastics are made into carpet, deck furniture, toys and other items. Aluminum cans and glass bottles are often recycled into more cans and bottles. Mixed paper and cardboard are also recycled into more paper and cardboard, saving millions of trees per year.

The City of Kannapolis contracts with Sonoco to receive the recyclable materials collected at curbside at their MRF. Here Sonoco’s Kenny King gives City of Kannapolis Public Works Director Wilmer Melton and Cabarrus County’s Sustainability Director a tour of their faclity. The cardboard has been compacted to be remanufactured into other cardboard boxes or retail packaging.

Recycling is also the environmentally correct thing to do. If residents recycled all of the recyclable materials that come into their home, and composted their food waste, they could reduce their household garbage by 90%!

We are fortunate that our residents have embraced curbside recycling which is reflected in our participation rate.

If you would be interested in learning more about the curbside recycling program, contact the Public Works Department at 704-920-4200.

When Is My Recycling Day?

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